Our LED grow lights are built to increase your crop yields, decrease your energy costs, and be highly durable. It's easy to understand the science behind our horticulture lighting efficiency/performance. Learn about the technologies that we have put into our grow light products here.

Our Research Partners

Crafted & Targeted Spectrums

At Lumenari, crafted and targeted spectrums are the most valuable asset of our horticulture lighting system. Lumenari has been at the forefront of research and creating lighting spectrums for different plant types.

Learn more about our targeted spectrums.

Targeted Spectrums

Lighting Design

Not sure how many lights you need for your project?

Let us help you plan for your space. Our experts have come with simple, ingenuous solutions to make the most of your lights.

About Lighting Design

Made for Horticulture

Lumenari's lighting systems are developed specifically for horticulture applications, and must withstand the opearting conditions in horticulture.

All products feature an IP65 rating for protection against water splashes and high humidity, passive cooling (no fans), and easy installation. 

Lumenari's Prism LED grow light also features modular and customizable form factors, providing growers with the right amount and type of light.

Prism LED Grow Light