Targeted Spectrum

Timeless, quality products that will help you make the most of your space.

Type A

Ideal for indoor environments

Did you know that the plants grown indoors need different light intensities and colors when they are grown indoors and in greenhouses?

This is because there is little or no natural light indoors.

Our Prism - Type A lamps, incorporate the latest research findings and provide the right combination of light to give maximum yield even in these challenging environments.

Type B

Ideal for greenhouse environment

Greenhouses let in natural sunlight and do not need as much of light input as indoor environments.

Prism - Type B, therefore, is designed to provide just the amounts and colors of light that are missing, and spare you un-necessary expenditure of energy and money.

Type C

Made for Microgreens, Leafy Vegetables and Vegetation

Genetic manipulation is not necessary to improve the growth rate of your greens!

Prism - Type C produces larger and more nutritious leafy vegetables, as its targeted spectrum is focused on boosting production of leaves, and initial plant development before flowering.

Type D

Most ideal for: Root & Stem

The various parts of a plant respond individually to differences in light color.

Prism - Type D promotes healthy and robust stem and roots. This is useful for perennials such as roses, or vegetables as varied as cucumbers to tomatoes.