Lighting Design

Not sure how many lights you need for your project? Let us help you plan for your space. Our experts have come with simple, ingenuous solutions to make the most of your lights.

Step 1. Plan your space

No two spaces are the same, and neither are their respective lighting requirements. We can help you design and plan your space for the most optimal illumination.

Step 2. Knowing your plants

Different plants will require varying lighting conditions. We will choose from our targeted spectrum technology, that has been developed to increase yield and crop quality.

Step 3. Lighting design report

For your greenhouse project, we will use our software to determine the best lighting output and placements. You will be able to verify and visualize your space virtually before installation.

Step 4. Get ready to grow

Your Lumenari grow lights have been installed correctly. All that is left is to power on the lights and grow!