Greenhouse - Controlled Environments

Lumenari's LED grow light systems are designed for the greenhouse environment. All our LED systems are built for durability, with full-metal enclosures, and have a IP65 rating. Our lighting spectrums will perfectly supplement the natural light in a greenhouse and provide an extra boost to your crops when there is insufficient sunlight.

Greenhouse grow lights must perform independently and with the natural sunlight. Here is our step-by-step guide on how we can help you.

Planning and Design

Planning your lighting system requires knowledge of crop science and lighting design - we offer both.

You will be guided  in planning the lighting system for your operations, and  will receive support and help throughout your growing process.

Lighting Design

Technology Backed by Research

We want you to focus on your crops, and let our research and development aid you.

Our lighting systems are designed to help your overall operations - from reducing energy consumption to increasing crop yields.

Whether you are a large-scale or hobby grower, learn more about our targeted spectrums to maximize your growing potential.

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