About Us

Lumenari Technologies, Inc. (Lumenari) is a Canadian enterprise specializing in research, development, and manufacturing of advanced LED lighting solutions and controls for the horticulture and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry.

Lumenari’s product line include greenhouse and vertical farming applications, and will penetrate both markets by leveraging our manufacturing capabilities, patented LED technologies, database & automation algorithms, and cost-effective pricing.

We believe LED grow lights are essential in promoting, strengthening, and increasing the output capacity of the horticulture industry, and will further promote new methods of crop production such as vertical farming. Lumenari will also develop new software tools and data analysis methods to assist growers in using our LED horticulture products. We understand the fresh food availability challenges facing many communities, and that this is an ideal time to establish and develop new horticulture technologies.

Technology Backed by Research

We want you to focus on your crops, and let our research and development aid you.

Our lighting systems are designed to help your overall operations - from reducing energy consumption to increasing crop yields.

Whether you are a large-scale or hobby grower, learn more about our targeted spectrums to maximize your growing potential.

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Applications & Deployment

Lumernari grow lights are modular and easy to install, making them an ideal system for different set-ups. Click below to see our different applications.