Driverless Technology

We seek to engineer the most efficient LED grow light and tackle the problems facing the industry today. Lumenari’s proprietary driverless light engines reduces the size, cost, and materials needed for plant lighting, thus we are able to pass on the savings on to the customer. Lumenari’s driverless technology does not require an external driver or ballast, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging the service life of the product itself.

Luminous Phosphor

When all things considered, we must think like a plant when engineering our LED grow lights. One of the most important characteristics is the output spectrum of the LED grow light itself. We must consider how different plants require different lighting spectrums to grow efficiently. By using our luminous phosphor technology we are able to adjust the PAR spectrums and colour ratios of our entire line of LED grow light products to meet your plants’ lighting requirements, maximizing growth and seed-to-harvest time.

Optical Diffusion Lenses

Light distribution is an essential element in horticulture lighting. No matter the dimensions of the grow bed, light must be efficiently distributed over the entire area. Using specialized optical lenses our modules are able to meet different lighting distribution curves – applicable to various widths, uniformity, and illumination requirements.

Modular Design

The modular design of the grow light allows for interchangeability and easy replacement of parts. The standardized design also allows for the addition or removal of modules when necessary. Lumenari has the flexibility to tailor the modular grow light to the specific dimensions of the customer’s growing area, producing a custom lighting solution for the grower.