About Us

History Will Repeat Itself

If we journey back to the 1800s, many believe that the electric light bulb was first invented by Thomas Edison, yet little know the truth about this amazing story.  Two Canadians, Henry Woodward and Mathew Evans submitted a patent for their Electric Light utilizing Carbon 5 years prior to Edison’s patent. Thus, the electric light bulb was in fact, first invented in Canada.  We here at Lumenari, are inspired by this great story and aim to bring the future of lighting back to Canada where it originally began.

Who We Are

Lumenari is a Canadian Enterprise founded in May 2016 and located in Richmond, British Columbia. We are a green tech company that aims to enhance life with light by researching and developing premium quality, easy-to-use, and automated LED lighting technologies for horticulture and commercial industries.

Corporate Responsibility

Lumenari was founded so that individuals and corporations can utilize our products and technologies in order to take responsibility, confront, and facilitate a major issue the world currently faces today; climate change.

Environmentally Conscious

Our horticulture lighting solutions aim to re-connect and unite the urban metropolis with the natural environment via urban farming. Our commercial lighting solutions aim to lower energy consumption and, in turn, lower CO2 emissions. With this combination, we hope to transition the modern city into an environmentally friendly and integrated thriving metropolis.

Creating Change

By providing you with cost effective, eco-friendly lighting solutions that enhance your life, we allow, you, the consumer or business to create change while having complete control and customization of your lighting needs. With your help we can take the right steps to reverse this ever-growing problem and create a greener world for future generations.

Company Timeline