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Meet ELA

The smart lighting system from Lumenari


    ELA is the acronym for:

  • Ecosystem
  • Lighting
  • Automation


ELA is Lumenari’s smart lighting system personalized to you. Smart, simple, and functional, let ELA be your gateway to a smart and automated home.

How It Works


Lumenari ELA Smart Lighting encompasses the ELA smartphone app, smart communications network, lighting hardware, and other ELA devices. All ELA devices talk to each other through the ELA Network – think of it as a lighting ecosystem.


The ELA Smart Hub is the brains of the system. More than just a light, ELA Smart Hub creates an environment that communicates, learns, and adapts to make your life easier. Construct your own personal lighting design and control your lights in every room.

More Than Just A Hub

At the heart of the ELA Smart Lighting Network is the ELA Smart Hub.
Not only does it act as the central processing unit for the ELA network, it has some nifty features as well.

Connect up to 80 Devices


You read that right. One ELA Smart Hub is able to connect to and manage up to 80 other ELA Smart Lighting product. You won’t have to worry about network stability when you expand your ELA network with more devices.

Wi-Fi Repeater


Nobody likes Wi-Fi dead-spots. Once linked to your router, the ELA Smart Hub acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, boosting your signal and eliminating those annoying Wi-Fi dead-spots.


Precision Engineered


Each ELA Smart Lighting is engineered to achieve its maximum potential, bringing together a perfect harmony of performance, style, and utility.

Simple Installation

There is no messy re-wiring required, installation is as simple as changing a light bulb.


Download the ELA app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Install your ELA Smart Lighting product and power on your lamp or fixture.


Connect to your ELA Smart Hub. The in-app setup instructions will guide you the rest of the way.

ELA Will Continue to Get Better


Imagine if a product you own got better and better the more you used it – we’ve actually implemented this into ELA.

Your ELA Smart Lighting Network and ELA Products will continuously receive new software and firmware updates. New features and functions will be added consistently, enhancing your lighting experience with each new update.

Best of all, new updates are all free!

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